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Underx Routing Commitee

The UnderX Routing Committees are responsible for the review, selection,and maintenance of server links to the UnderX IRC Network. A full description of the functions and procedures of the Routing Committees can be dicuss on our Official Channel of UnderX network #Routing-Com or just email:

Servers and Howtos

Take a look at a current list of servers or learn about the UnderX's own unique IRC server software and services to help limit netsplits and abuse. Interested in linking a server to the Underx Network? Check out the link page. Click Here.

Major Committees

There are two Routing Committees for the UnderX Networking: One for the America/Asia/Pacific, and the other one is for Europe. Each committee consists of 5 voting members, a secretary, and an observing member from the UnderX Admins Committee. Click on the link Members above for you to see the list of our committee members.
You may want to read the Policy Link for you to understand how we work in this network and what are the official rules, also clicking on Helper App will let you understand how to be an Official Network Helper and it depends on what channel they will be assigned.
Click on the link Helper App above and read the information.

If you are interested in applying to link to our network just click on Link App so you will be redirected to the link application page.

Routing-Com News

Routing Committee is now looking for those linkers who wants to join us in making the network grow.