UnderX IRC Network

Take a look at a current lists of servers or learn about the UnderX's own unique IRC server software and services to help limit netsplits and abuse.

You can maintain and protect your own channel by using UnderX's Channel Service. You can also inquire about your channel or the X bot within the #Cservice channel.


The UnderX was one of the largest realtime chat networks in 2002, with approximately more than 10 servers connecting people world wide.


Take a look at a current list of servers or learn about the UnderX's own unique IRC server software and services to help limit netsplits and abuse. Interested in linking a server to the UnderX? Check out the Routing Committee's website.


You can maintain and protect your own channel by using Underx's Channel Service. You can also enquire about your channel or the X bot within the #cservice channel.

You can now search for channels online!

Need Help?

To learn how to connect to the UnderX, take a look at our help page. For more comprehensive information, the Documents Project website provides updated FAQs about IRC and the Underx for your review.



Would you like to link a server to the Underx?

Take a look at Routing Committee's website and see if you meet the requirements to link to the Underx.

Server Ports Region Sponsor
Bulacao.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6667-6669 Philippines snapto
Cdo.Mo.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6667-6669 Philippines reans
CoreShells.Pk.As.Underx.Org 6667-6669 Pakistan Ders
Tacloban.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6667-6669, 7000 Philippines Marus
Dubai.AE.As.Underx.Org 6667-6669, 7000 United Arab Emirates Mabrook
Dumaguete.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6667-6669, 7000 Philippines Mabrook
Bohol.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6660-6668, 7000 Philippines DecrypteD
Talisay.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6660-6668, 7000 Philippines gInAmOs
Iligan.Ph.As.Underx.Org 6660-6668, 7000 Philippines Eleven
Kuwait.KW.AS.UnderX.Org 6660-6668, 7000 Kuwait ShArkZ

UnderX Committees

The UnderX is a collaboration of the efforts of many people. It is not just the administrators and operators who have made the Underx what it is today. A great many people have also contribued in the various committees that are run for and by the users to bring you extra services such as the channel service, education, training and special events. This page gives a brief introduction to these committees and a link to obtain further infomation from each committee website. If you would like to contribute your skills to make the UnderX better this is the place to start finding your niche.

CODER Committee

The Coder Committee concentrates on the continued development of the IRC protocol with the goal of making the UnderX a more efficient chat network.


Channel Service Committee provides an easy method for channel registration inorder to maintain channel stability, prevent takeovers, and manage a banlist/userlist.

ROUTING Committee

Reviews current IRC servers and evaluates new applications for servers. The goal is to link only the most qualified servers in order to keep the network as efficient and lag-free.

USER Committee

Acts as the sounding board for thoughts and proposals from UnderX users. It is also the supervising body for the Document Projects. If you have a great idea, this committee wants to hear from you.


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Need Help?

Confused? Don't know where to look for some information?

This is the place you've been looking for: an introduction to the UnderX's available help resources.

For answers to questions that aren't covered here, don't hesitate to e-mail help@underx.org. Or you can click Here to go to the help center.

  • Getting Started

    Locating and downloading an IRC chat client, configuring the client, and logging on to a server

    Be sure that before you log on, you check the most recently updated server list.

    By connecting to the closest server geographically, you will have the fastest and most stable connection available.

    Since the UnderX is staffed and run entirely by volunteers, it is suggested that you read and learn as much as you can about IRC and the basic commands as possible - before looking for help.

    If you still can't find what you're looking for, there are many ways to get help on and off IRC.

  • You can get answers to your questions about IRC and the UnderX through the various committee websites, or by writing to one of the many available e-mail addresses, particularly help@underx.org.

    Again, since the people who respond to these e-mails are volunteering their time, it may take a day or so before you get a response.

    We ask for your patience, but if you haven't received a reply within a couple of days, feel free to write back and ask your question again.

  • There are many different sections to the Underx website, which is divided into mirror sites and secondary servers.

    The mirrors are hosted all over the world, enabling the viewer to obtain quicker access to the website.

    Secondary servers are used to host specific information, such as: UnderX's Channel Service Website, or the UnderX Documents Project.

    All of this is designed to give you a faster and more efficient way to browse through these pages, allowing you to get the information you're looking for as quickly as possible -- so you can spend more time chatting on the UnderX!