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The UnderX is a collaboration of the efforts of many people. It is not just the administrators and operators who have made the UnderX what it is today. A great many people have also contribued in the various committees that are run for and by the users to bring you extra services such as the channel service, education, training and special events. This page gives a brief introduction to these committees and a link to obtain further infomation from each committee website. If you would like to contribute your skills to make the UnderX better this is the place to start finding your niche.

Coder Committee
The Coder Committee concentrates on the continued development of the IRC protocol with the goal of making the UnderX a more efficient chat network.
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UnderX Channel Service
The Channel Service Committee provides an easy method for channel registration in order to maintain channel stability, prevent takeovers, and manage a banlist and userlist. The CSC also hosts special online classes for users to learn the ins and outs of channel management.
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UnderX Routing Committee
The UnderX Routing Committee (R-Com) reviews current IRC servers and evaluates new applications for servers in the United States, Canada and Europe. The goal is to link only the most qualified servers in order to keep the network as efficient and lag-free as possible.
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UnderX User Committee
The User Committee acts as the sounding board for thoughts and proposals from UnderX users. It is also the supervising body for both the Documents Project (formerly Doco-Com) and the Promotions Project (formerly PR-Com). If you have an idea that you think will make the UnderX a better network, this committee wants to hear from you.
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