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The UnderX is one of the largest realtime chat networks in the world,with approximately 19 servers connecting over 35 countries and serving more than 1,000,000 people weekly.

Take a look at a current list of servers or learn about the UnderX's own unique IRC server software and services to help limit netsplits and abuse. Interested in linking a server to the UnderX? Check out the Routing Committee's website.

You can maintain and protect your own channel by using Underx's Channel Service. You can also enquire about your channel or the X bot within the #cservice channel.

You can now search for channels online!

To learn how to connect to the UnderX, take a look at our help page. For more comprehensive information, the Documents Project website provides updated FAQs about IRC and the Underx for your review.

:: Underx supports the VGT project.
VGT is an international alliance of law enforcement agencies working together to make the Internet a safer place; to identify, locate and help children at risk; and to hold perpetrators appropriately to account.

For more information please visit http://www.virtualglobaltaskforce.com