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:: Links :: Description
http://user-com.underx.org/ The Underx User Committee
http://routing-com.underx.org The Underx Routing Committee
http://coder-com.underx.org The Underx Coder Committee
http://www.eggheads.org Eggdrop development
http://www.scriptsdb.org Site contains mIRC resources, scripts - addons and more
http://www.mirc-underx.org/ #mIRC, Help channel for mIRC related questions
http://www.mIRC.net mIRC Scripting Network
http://www.virushelp.info #vh website, Underx's Virus/Trojan removal channel
http://www.canal-ayuda.org/ General Spanish Help Channel
http://www.dmsetup.net Underx's malware/virus removal pro team
http://www.zt-irc.org/ The official #zt website
http://cservice.underx.org/live Channel #Cservice's website
http://help.underx.org #help website
http://nastrand.net/ #nastrand website
http://user-com.underx.org/uchan Filtered channels search