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UnderX Services

* Channel Service Website  The UnderX Channel Service
  The UnderX Channel Service Committee (CSC) was created back in 1995 as a way to provide channel stability and help prevent takeovers. This is accomplished through the use of X, which helps maintain all registered channels on the network and give channel managers an easy means to keep up with both a channel userlist and banlist.

You can learn more about the CSC, register your channel, or download information about X at the Channel Service Committee website. Or, if you're on the UnderX, just type /join #cservice and ask one of the many helpers in the channel. The CSC provides a valuable and extremely comprehensive service to UnderX users, so be sure to take advantage of all that they have to offer the UnderX community.

* Channel Service OpSchool   OpSchool
  The UnderX Channel Service features an online session for channel managers, channel operators, or anyone interested in learning more about X called OpSchool. This is a special moderated session that lasts approximately 45 minutes and is staffed by tutors skilled in X commands. For more infomation take a look at their website.

* #Class Project  #Class Project
  The UnderX User Committee conducts a weekly class for those new to the UnderX and IRC called, appropriately enough, #Class. This project was begun to teach new users basic IRC commands and provide a condensed introduction to the UnderX and its many available resources.

#Class is held every Friday at 19:30 Eastern (Saturday at 00:30 GMT) and every Sunday at 11:30 Eastern (Sunday at 16:30 GMT)
in the UnderX's #Class channel. The session lasts approximately one hour and is presided over by "Professor", the teaching bot,
and several tutors - who provide answers to user's questions.

The session is moderated and invite-only, so be sure to arrive a few minutes early. To get more information on all that the #Class Project has to offer, or to request a log of a recent session, visit the #Class website or write class@underx.org.