Welcome to the Information Site of Underx on How to become an Official Helper
on Our Official Help Channel in this Network

Since it was requested from the sources on our Network Underx we implemented this site for the information of the people who are willing to help all of our Official Help Channel. as helper and willing to give there best to help every users that needs there help. We are officially Hiring Helpers on our network on #Cservice, #Help, #zT and on #coder-com this channel is the help channel that is officially recognized as the global help channel in this network. All of our helper that is accepted are automatically listed on the list of helpers that will be voted to be part of the routing-com helpers and will be given a local operator access in a server in our network.

Here are the Information on How to Become an Official Helper on our Network.

1. Be an Active Helper even if you are not an official yet.

2. You must know all help commands on every Channel like #CService, #help, #coder-com and on #zT

3. You will answer the user with care and pleasing helping ideas

4. You must not beg access on Channel wait until you will be ask to become one of us.

5. Always join the network everyday. and maintain helping the Channel users who are seeking assistance all the time.

6. Willing to give Help even if your not on access list in any of thee help channel, and is willing to be assigned on any of the help channels.

If you think you can do our requirements fell free to email us in one of the email addresses below:

1. alfieo@underx.org

2. xxx@underx.org

Send your information together with the questions below and your answers:

1. What is Your Name and Nick?

2. Give me your Reason Why you Apply as Helper?

3. What You know About Being a Helper?

4. How long have you been a helper and on what channel and Network?

5. How many days/hours are you online on a network and what network you are on?

6. How many days/week/months are you on this Network?

7. How did you know about this Network?

Please send the details to one of the Admin email address above to Apply.?