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. :: Newly Accepted Server :: .

Server Name Server Admin Country Ports Status
Dallas.Tx.Us.Underx.Org UnKnowN United States 6667-7000 Testing Period

. :: Stable Servers :: .

Server Name Server Admin Country Ports Status
ElPaso.Tx.Us.Underx.Org xXx United States 6667-7000 Active
CDO.Mo.Ph.Underx.Org reans Philippines 6667-7000 Active
Bohol.Ph.As.Underx.Org Decrypted Philippines 6667-7000 Active
Alcoy.Ph.As.Underx.Org sHuT^d0wN Philippines 6667-7000 InActive
Mandaue.Ph.As.Underx.Org AlfieO Philippines 6667-7000 Active
Dumanjug.Ph.As.Underx.Org AyuKi/iJabz United States 6667-7000 InActive
Dumaguete.Ph.As.Underx.Org asL_pLs UAE 6667-7000 InActive