This is the UnderX Policy PAGE for all OPERS/ADMINS that maintains the Server and the Services of the NETWORK

Since, You are part of this Network, it means that you acknowledge the Policies or Rules which is to be followed by all of the opers/admins of this network we are not making this network too protective but we are making this network to be clean enough from hackers and flooders. So the Rules for Opers or CService helpers/representative/admins and of course the developers.

Rules for Admins/OPERS in maintaining a SERVER.

1. You will be checking your server if it is still on link with the network.

2. You will not use your OPMODE power on your own server for oping your self on every channel that is registered to our Channel Service Bot which is X.

3. You can only use the OPMODE command of a server if this channel is not listed on the ILC channel list on our server.
4. The OPMODE command is used only for the zT members for reoping channel ops in the channel that is under registration and has no ops.
5. Last but not the least never abuse your power as being oper on the server or that server that you are on will be delinked from the network by the routing-com team.

Rules for CService Developer/Admins/Representatives

1. The First RULE to be implemented is never use your power on direct registration specially the Developer and admins who has access to register command on X. and pls Do not Register a channel who is under 7-10 days of application that is not allowed on the network.

2. If you are a Cservice Representatives you must know where you are assigned on all the Official Help Channel and be there to help.

3. All of the CS Helper are automatically allowed to Help on #Cservice, #zT and #Help channel even if they are not assigned on the three of them.

4. If that user speaks the language that you speak then you can try to help. and if not just listen to the other helper that can speak the language and knows the answer.

5. Never talk unusual topics on Help channel specially if you are a CS Team member.

6. If you have an access level equals to 700+ or higher, then you can give if the CS Developer and CO-Developer or Admins agreed to let you give Representative level access.

7. Last but not the least Never Abuse CS Team Level or you will be automatically glined from the Network... thats all.

HOPE you will follow this rules to avoid harashments. Thanks for reading.